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  • @PoundsofNothing on Twitter

    "Jert has consistently taken every chance he can to be the helping hand to get people into the industry. A unilateral force for good."

  • Seamus

    "Jert is your rad uncle who'll sneak you beer and make you underground black metal mixtapes, except for RPG publishing"

  • Skullboy

    "JERT is the #1 best cat herder on the east coast, and the indie TTRPG scene would be lost without him."

  • Christian Kessler

    "Jrat punches up and networks down. With him at the helm space penguin is already doing great things, with the most creator-friendly structure i've seen in the ttrpg space."

  • Christian Sorrell Meatcastle Gameware

    "I'm so stoked so see what Space Penguin Ink is going to be unleashing on the world over the next few years. With Jert at the helm, I know it's going to be good."

  • Amanda P

    "Jert is a wonderful and supportive caretaker and guide for new and interesting TTRPG work!"

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