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Cobra Express (for DCC RPG and 5e D&D)

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In the magical land of Esper, deep within the lush Jungles of Kazar, there runs a train between the cities of Eastbrook and Westhaven. It is the Cobra Express, a heavily customized pleasure craft on rails. This train takes wealthy travelers through the otherwise impassable tangle of undergrowth and towering trees in the jungle’s depths. An easy target for someone with the smarts--and scales--to take it. 

The Cobra Express is a level 1 DCC and 5E adventure suitable for 4-5 PCs that begins with a lavish party on a speeding train. After a bit of revelry, the train is attacked by a group of kobold bandits, the Redscales. PCs will have to work fast to stop them from taking all of the riches on board while also fighting to keep the train on the tracks--If they aren’t fast enough, they may be in for a fall! 


  • A runaway train heist through a fantastical jungle environment

  • A gang of fiersome kobolds and the Red Dragon they’ve teamed up with for the job

  • Cut-outs and battlemaps for every major location and character

  • Full conversion stats for DCC and 5E

  • And more!

H.S. Kemp III - writing
JeCorey Holder - art
jert! - editing
Christian Kessler - graphic design and layout

20 pages, 8.5" x 11", saddle stitched, zine, color cover, black & white interiors. Also includes 7 pages of paper miniatures and train cars for you to cut out, fold, and use as battle maps! Includes digital files.

Also available soon at
Iglootree (UK) and All the Problems in this World (EU)!

Cobra Express (for DCC RPG and 5e D&D)

Cobra Express (for DCC RPG and 5e D&D)


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