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Space Penguin Ink is lucky to collaborate with all of the cool people on this page. We encourage you to learn more about them and their work by visiting the following links.

Dai Shugars

Dai Shugars Profile Pic

Dai Shugars is a graphic designer, commercial artist, and accessibility consultant. He also publishes books, manages crowdfunding projects, and runs Space Penguin Ink's social media accounts. Dai currently resides in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife, daughter, four dogs, and three or four dozen chickens.


K Profile Pic

A failed experiment by a puritanical ritual. Held hostage, painstakingly, for many years before they finally escaped, only to require another decade to evolve, and emulcify into their current state.

Kristen Denner

Kristen Profile Pic

Art direction, layout, ideas, general words of encouragement, swift kicks in the ass.

Forrest Aguirre

Forrest Aguirre Profile Pic

Forrest Aguirre wears a clever disguise as a seemingly normal human being. Do not be deceived. His writing is the window to his true nature.

Roz Leahy

Roz Leahy Profile Pic

Roz is a queer editor, writer, designer, illustrator and printer based somewhere in the UK. She's one half of Two Rats Press and nine tenths of a productive member of society. She's been working in RPGs on and off for over a decde but she only remembers like half of it.

Holly Jencka

Holly Jencka Profile Pic

I'm a technical and environmental 3d artist with a love for role playing games and spaceships, among many many other things!

Ruby C

Ruby C Profile Pic

A young, sarcastic Aussie sketch artist who resides in the shadows for their room. Totally human [:

Eric Hill

Eric Hill Profile Pic

Hello, I'm Eric Hill. I’m a well-oiled and well-mannered layout machine. I've had the privilege to work RPG books and zines at a furious pace since 2020, and I actually consider typesetting fun

Will Rahman

Will Rahman Profile Pic

Creator of Forbidden Psalm. Voted most likely to be a vampire.

Cade Crites

Cade Crites Profile Pic

Cade is a queer graphic designer and avid learner of new things. They have a penchant for hiding in-jokes and thematic references in their work for others to find and enjoy.

Christian Kessler

Christian Kessler Profile Pic

Christian is an award-winning graphic designer and writer who's been working in RPGs for a little more than 10 years. He laid out Troika! Numinous Edition and Fever Swamp among many many others, has no idea how many anthologies and zines he's written for, and is the mad scientist behind Longshot City. He also has narrowly escaped death way too many times for it to all be a coincidence.

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