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Most Muscular Minis (compatible with Forbidden Psalm and MÖRK BORG RPG)


It’s not just wizards at the apocalypse...

The world is ending, and only one thing can save your crew of meatheads: an ancient tome of untold power, known only as FLEX. Word has it that it can be found in the ruins of a castle in a kingdom lost to time.

The time has come to storm that castle, ward off the horrors within, and defeat the mass monster to ascend to meathead immortality.

MOST MUSCULAR MINIS is a skirmish game set in the world of Forbidden Psalm. It is miniature agnostic — meaning you can use whatever minis you have — but it is suggested that you dig out the biggest, brawniest, and buffest minis you have. MOST MUSCULAR MINIS is a battle of the most jacked, swole, and yoked minis you can find.

MOST MUSCULAR MINIS is fully compatible with all existing Forbidden Psalms products, including Dread Nights and Frozen Psalms, as well as MÖRK BORG

Seekers of Swole will find inside:

  • Rules for building your crew of meatheads, each one burlier than the last and rippling with feats, flaws, and fightin’ spirit.

  • Wild new weapons and tactics, like wrecking balls, power bombs, sleeper holds, and really big rocks.

  • Rules for testing feats of strength during combat. Unsure if you can German Suplex a jabroni through a sacrificial altar? What sort of game do you think you’re playing, roll for it!

  • Simple, easy to use monster classes like the Wimp, the Goon, the Bulk, and the eldritch Mass Monster itself.

  • And more!

Tyler Welch - writing
Eric Hill - design and layout

jert! - editing

32 pages, a5, saddle stitched, zine, color cover, black & white interiors. Includes digital files.

Soon to be available at Iglootree and All the Problems in this World.

Most Muscular Minis (compatible with Forbidden Psalm and MÖRK BORG RPG)

Most Muscular Minis (compatible with Forbidden Psalm and MÖRK BORG RPG)


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