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MÖRK BOLL (compatible with MÖRK BORG RPG)


In the fields outside the Hogs Head Inn, the teams of the MÖRK BOLL league gather together to play the world's bloodiest and most beautiful game. Many come for the fame, the bloodshed, the gold on offer, and so much more. MÖRK BOLL is a sport of wit, cunning, brutality, and blood, played by those mad, desperate, or hungry enough. 

Let the games begin.

MÖRK BOLL is a 28mm miniature skirmish game, inspired by and compatible with the MÖRK BORG system. From kickoff to full-time, prepare for the dumbest sportsball game you can play: create a team, recruit your BOLLERS, hire an inappropriate mascot, and hit the pitch for gold, glory, and gore!


  • Rules for playing MÖRK BOLL on a regulation pitch or in a non-regulation dungeon!
  • Random Tables for generating team names, BOLLER names, star players, mascots, and more
  • 6 unique Referees, ranging from impartial to actively adversarial
  • Deadly combat, replete with fouls, fan riots, and injuries
Fully compatible with any and all miniatures and the MÖRK BORG TTRPG system.

Will Rahman - writing
David Hoskins - illustration
Cor Rahman - illustration

WIRD Designs - illustration, design, and layout
Roz Leahy - proofreading
jert! - editing

60 pages, a5, saddle stitched, zine, color cover & interiors. Includes digital files.

Soon to be available at Iglootree (UK) and All the Problems in this World (EU).

MÖRK BOLL (compatible with MÖRK BORG RPG)

MÖRK BOLL (compatible with MÖRK BORG RPG)


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