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Hobonomicon 0-4 Bundle (for DCC RPG)

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Many are the tales of the book of woe...

...and you can get all that have been excavated thus far in The Hobonomicon 0-4 Bundle. Inside you'll find the tools and treasures to run your own home (per)versions of the late night, after hours, DCC-based shenanigans beloved by schimp and hume alike across Earth and Punjar. These bundles are of limited quantity, and once they're gone we might get more or we might not (okay, we will, but you should totally get them NOW because if you don't the Cats of Zar will piss outside their litter box again, and nobody wants that).

These horrid tomes contain:

  • Issue 0: Escape From Planet Punjar (aka Punjar 50k)
  • Issue 1: Meat Planet
  • Issue 2: Verses of Natraz, The Missing Mercurial Magic, Beastmen
  • Issue 3: New Riders of the Lotus Void
  • Issue 4: More Inferno Road, More Escape From Planet Punjar, More Natraz, More New Riders

Every issue also features comics including Death of a Reaver, Dreams of a Klartesh Fiend, and much, much more!

Creative Team:
Doug Kovacs, Wayne Snyder, James MacGeorge, Stefan Poag, Jarrett Crader, Clea Bennett, Christian Kessler, Steve Gomez, Forrest Aguirre, Terry Olsen, Harley Stroh, Tom Colley, Mat Biscan, Kurt Lynett, Shel Khan, Carmin Vance, Dirk Detweiller Leichty, Dwayne Boothe, Lizzie Libby, Jamie Jordan, Brenda Ho, Andrew Walter, Matt Hildebrand

All: 8.5" x 11", saddle stitched, zine, color cover, black & white interior.
0: 24pgs, 1: 36pgs, 2: 36pgs, 3:36pgs, 4:32 pgs.
Does NOT include digital files.

Hobonomicon 0-4 Bundle (for DCC RPG)

Hobonomicon 0-4 Bundle (for DCC RPG)

Regular price   $84.00 Sale price   $69.00

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