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The Bloom (for Liminal Horror RPG)


Out a ways from the big city lies the town of Coldwater, named after the body of water it borders. Coldwater is a complacent place and its residents prefer it that way, thank you very much. Most townsfolk will greet you with a smile, but asking about the Incident from about a year back will get you met with cold stares and abruptly shut doors. But here’s the thing, folks have started disappearing again, and this time it was out-of-towners

The Bloom is a sandbox adventure for Liminal Horror. Something sinister is creeping beneath the town of Coldwater. Campers have gone missing, but the townsfolk won’t say a word and the authorities are less than helpful. Can your team of Investigators find out the truth and save the town before it’s too late?

This full-color sandbox adventure features:

  • 20 new Backgrounds to help you design the perfect investigator
  • The Voidcrawl, a procedure for maintaining tension while exploring
  • Hosts of the Bloom, malign and malignant horrors that stalk the town
  • A mystery with dire consequences: who’s behind the missing campers?
  • And more!

Josh Domanski - writing and  layout
Goblin Archives - writing

Zach Hazard Vaupen - illustration
Joshua Clark - illustration
Gabriel Reich - editing
Christian Sorrell - proofreading

48 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", saddle stitched, zine, color cover & interior.

Soon to be available at Iglootree and All the Problems in this World!

The Bloom (for Liminal Horror RPG)

The Bloom (for Liminal Horror RPG)


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