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Forbidden Psalm: Collection of Death Volume 1

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More Scenarios and Monsters than you can shake a stick at!

Forbidden Psalm: The Collection of Death Volume 1 includes previously released zines, freebies, and some new horrors to add to your games of Forbidden Psalm. These Scenarios were designed with Forbidden Psalm in mind, but can be played with The Last War, Dread Nights, Kill Sample Process, and any future version of Forbidden Psalm released.

  • 11 scenarios and adventures to test your warband’s strength and skill

  • Expanded rules for dungeon delving, odd terrain and weather, and wilderness exploration

  • Collaborations with Westfalia Publishing, Geektopia Games, Deadchurch Miniatures, and the Forbidden Psalm community

  • Fully compatible with Forbidden Psalm and MÖRK BORG 

  • And more!

Will Rahman - writing and art and layout
jert! - editing
Roz Leahy - proofreading
 - art

Softcover: 156 pages, a5, perfect bound, book, color cover & interiors. Includes digital files.

Soon to be available at Iglootree and All the Problems in this World!

Forbidden Psalm: Collection of Death Volume 1

Forbidden Psalm: Collection of Death Volume 1


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